Why don’t you?

As a nod to Diana Vreeland’s now famous regular magazine column from the 50’s, we’ll be offering regular suggestions for design tricks and details that you might want to use in your own home. Not your run of the mill ideas, we’re going to go out of our way to make suggestions that you might never have thought of, but are definitely worth a try.

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First up, why don’t you try unusual art displaying techniques?

Gone are the days when art works had to be perfectly hung on the wall. As our lifestyles have become more relaxed, so to interior design, and what we find with a lot of our clients these days is they want to achieve a look in their homes that is casual and lived in.

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By leaning art on the floor or on a table or even stacking artworks on top of each other, you make a very clear statement about the vibe of your home. This kind of layering adds depth to a room and by taking art out of it’s comfort zone you might even see it in a totally different way.

If things are feeling a little stuck in your home, why don’t you try shifting the art around, maybe turning the pieces on their sides will spark a new conversation.

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Bottom line – ditch the rules about how art should be displayed and experiment with a new look, you might be pleasantly surprised.




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