What’s it all about?

Between design magazines, Pinterest and countless lifestyle blogs we’re being told on a regular basis what good interior design is, what’s acceptable and what should be avoided. These kinds of platforms are really just designed to sell magazines, the products they’re advertising and they hold no real bearing in the real world.

I find more and more in my daily job that clients are paranoid about making ‘mistakes’ and creating unacceptable interior designs for themselves – there is a lot of fear surrounding interior design, which is totally ridiculous!

So I’m here to break it down for you. Interior design is not about the perfect composition or use of colour. It is not about flow or symmetry. Interior design, is using space, furniture and art to design a feeling.

Have you ever walked into a room and that room has made you feel differently? Well that’s what interior design is and let me tell you, there are as many ways to interior design correctly as there are feelings in the world.


Now that’s not to say that the standards or so called ‘rules’ have no truth to them, but they should always be tested for their efficacy and not blindly followed. We should be allowed to experiment like children when creating our homes, with arrangements, products and art that evoke the kind of feeling in ourselves that we want to achieve.

I’ve always said, nothing has the mood altering quality quite like space does. The first step in achieving this, is tuning in to how we’d like to feel and from there make design choices that support that. If this kind of emotional probing is difficult for you, then this is where a good interior designer will be able to guide you. If they’re any good they’ll be able to tap into your particular energy and help translate that into a beautiful room.


So forget about ‘how to’s’ and the ‘top 10 rules’ and tune into what makes you feel good in your home and carry on (start) doing that! If it turns out to be purple damask on a lime green Barcelona chair behind a leopard print wall then so be it!




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