Hygge? Huh?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), if you are as obsessed with interior blogs as I am, has taken the world by storm and seems to be the only thing anyone ever talks about these days.

The Danish concept which describes the mood or feeling of making every day activities special could also be thought of as the art of intimacy, and really more than it being a design style it asks us to look at the way we live and elevate the banal to ritual like.

Think, preparing tea with the utmost care and enjoying it on your stoep in your best china, or reading a good book in your squishiest chair in front of a fire. Being present in the moment and creating a life of beauty and comfort need not be expensive or overwhelming, but does require an attitude shift and a slowing down.

All of that being said, Hygge, has of course come to represent a certain aesthetic style as well. Crushed linens, weathered woods and low light are good places to start. The trick is to focus on creating an interior that appeals to all of your senses and not just one. We focus so much on how things look, now’s the time to think about how things make us feel.

Hygge, also seems to be synonymous with winter but the internet tells me that it is totally possible to embrace a summery Hygge. Open doors, slow fans, crisp salads and bare feet are all ways to embrace the concept during our warm South African summers.

I’m not really one to get too excited about trends, but this appeals to me. Who doesn’t think slowing down and enjoying the small things in life is important? And if that doesn’t do it for you at least you learned a foreign word to use at your next dinner party. Fancy

Cheers from the team!


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