Hospitality Design in South Africa

Liam Mooney Studio is particularly inspired when it comes to hospitality designs. We believe that the ambiance created by an innovative designer is one of the most important aspects of the hospitality industry’s success.

Ours is an experienced hospitality design company with an outstanding track record as restaurant designers in South Africa. Liam Mooney Studio has been privileged to work with clients from all over the world on projects ranging from smaller residential decorations and finishes, to large scale building developments. We work closely with clients to establish a budget that ensures a great design and also meets the requisite specifications.

Exceptional interior design has a direct effect on a restaurant’s clientele and repeat diners. Liam Mooney Studio offers hospitality design in South Africa that is uniquely crafted to ensure a client’s vision is fully realised by presenting a clear and powerful brand.

Holistic Approach to Hospitality Design

Our design inspiration is ignited by concepts that our client envisions combining a history of the particular business to offer a sense of provenance and belonging. We strive for a contemporary hospitality design that is relevant yet dynamic.

Liam Mooney Studio embraces a holistic approach to guide the client all the way from budget planning, to architectural design through to customised furniture and finishes. The result is a turnkey service where professional hospitality design experts manage the entire project, from concept to completion.

Hospitality design must be visually attractive yet serviceable, ensuring patrons’ comfort while at the same time providing an interior that is synonymous with the client’s business ethos. The design team at Liam MooneyStudio ensures all vital components are harmoniously blended to provide functionality, brand image and authenticity. We bring the right ambience for relaxed leisure or business dining that promises a treat for the senses.