Liam Mooney Studio, Interior Design

Liam Mooney launched his eponymous interior design studio in 2006 on the core belief that both product and interior design should be focussed on the real human needs of comfort, beauty and delight.

Beautiful Rebellion: Le style Castaing

“Beauty in a room derives from a touch of mystery”—Madeleine Castaing Before the Second World War, Madeleine Castaing was a wealthy lady of some standing, living in a large […]

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Rebel Beauty: Madeleine Castaing

If you spent some time around St-Germain- des-Prés in the late 80s, you may well have encountered a startling local figure, limping about with her silver-topped cane and […]

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How to Host a Stress-free House Party

“Christmas is at our throats again!” as Noël Coward once exclaimed, exasperated by the social burden of the festive season. It’s not hard to see why – this […]

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