Commercial Design South Africa

Liam Mooney Studio is passionate about designing ideal workspaces by combining a creative blend of practicality with visual appeal to provide an attractive commercial design. The result is a turnkey service where professional commercial design experts manage the construction or renovation of commercial office space, from concept to completion.

Advanced innovation makes a brand stand out from the competition because these days, offering excellent services and superb products just isn’t enough. Maintaining brand visibility – how your storefront or commercial business is perceived by your target audience – is vital. Plus the interior space of every commercial design must always reflect the business it showcases and build brand loyalty.

Commercial workspaces need to evolve by reflecting company ethos and culture. To this end Liam Mooney Studio draws on our many years’ experience to provide solutions that transform a business space into a unique brand of its own.

Our commercial design projects in South Africa cover:

  • Commercial offices
  • Retail stores
  • Interior branding
  • Hotels, restaurants & bars
  • Office space utilisation and branding

Our process includes in-depth research, including interviews and questionnaires, to gather essential information on a company’s culture, processes/operations and plans for future expansion. Once the data is analysed we prepare conceptual floor plans detailing ideal space usage and efficient ways of brand development.

Always with the comfort of the client’s employees and customers in mind, we propose furniture that is designed for efficiency and safety in the working environment. Liam Mooney Studio has exceptional partnerships with furniture suppliers that specialise in ergonomic design of fittings and fixtures.

Commercial Design Concepts

Taking the operational needs of a client’s business into account Liam Mooney Studio offers a holistic solution by harnessing the requisite components for commercial planning, branding and decor elements to create a memorable brand experience.

Commercial Design Projects