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Meet Donovan
We’d like to introduce you to Donovan Greeff, who’ll be taking over writing for our blog. Donovan is mainly a fiction and essay writer, however, always eager to […]
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First Thursday Holiday Shopping
Join us this First Thursday for an evening of holiday shopping. We stock everything from collectible vintage to South African designed tableware.   Look forward to seeing you!
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What’s it all about?
Between design magazines, Pinterest and countless lifestyle blogs we’re being told on a regular basis what good interior design is, what’s acceptable and what should be avoided. These […]
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Interior designer speak: Layering
Lets be honest, the language that interior designers use can sound a little pretentious. It often seems that the more abstract the description of something really very simple, […]
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Why don’t you?
As a nod to Diana Vreeland’s now famous regular magazine column from the 50’s, we’ll be offering regular suggestions for design tricks and details that you might want […]
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